RAFTING NERETVA is known and one of the best rafting clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to rafting, we provide launching kayaks, fishing, and the ability to promptly mastered the art of driving a boat rafting and kayaking, regardless of age and age.

Each of our guide (many years of experience in this area) is responsible for the crew, skipper and will make sure your every trip as safe and quality. The equipment we use is of superior quality and are regularly checked.

The vast experience and knowledge in this field has made us the best rafting club. An unforgettable adventure experience and quality to our customers is our top priority. The Neretva River is regarded as one of the best in the world when it comes to rafting, and would therefore like to invite you to get yourself in to see. Come and join us. Friendly and professional staff will be with you the whole way.

We are located in Konjic, street Stara carsija bb, next to the Old Bridge.

Our desire is to awaken in you a true instinct for adventure. Experience and equipment are not you need! No age limit! It's just a spirit of adventure, and everything else will take care of experienced and professional members of the rafting club RAFTING