Prenj is a mountain range located in the heart of the Dinaric Alps, in the northern part of Herzegovina with many peaks of which the highest green head height 2155 meters. Prenj extends to the port, from the northwest and the river Neretva near Konjic from Glavaticevo to Bijelo Polje, near Mostar, and the south-east bordering mountain massifs Velez (1969 m), Crvnja (1921 m) and Visočica (1964 m).

Prenj belongs to the high mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The peaks of Prenj are interesting and attractive for mountaineers. Hikers who like to watch landscapes streaked with white snow and green juniper believe that Prenj nicest and most attractive mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our tour of hiking per Prenj is a form of physical activity that is based on walking in untouched nature by hiking paths or trails, as an activity that modern man makes life more interesting and enjoyable.

Hiking the mountain Prenj includes:

- Check-in Konjic (free parking),
- Transport to the starting location of hiking,
- Preparing for the hike (breafing guide)
- Mountain hike on Prenj (with breaks for shooting, lunch and rest),
- Back.

Price negotiable.

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