Rafting trips on the Neretva takes between 5 and 6 hours at 18 km long stretch of the river, and moving from village Glavatičevo above Konjic.

Rafting participants should bring a swimsuit, and towel and clothes you will wear after rafting. On the river is good to have protection from the sun.

Each of our guide carries a waterproof camera, and if you want, you can bring your own.

We do not recommend carrying valuables (jewelry, watches, etc.), and goggles should be further secured.

About rafting tour

Before every crew get acquainted with your guide and all the equipment.

In the home a quiet part of the Neretva river guide provides guidance to participants on proper behavior and the basic techniques of paddling.

Below participants expect moderate and light rapids, deep still Neretva river with lush vegetation coast, which in several places creates tunnels to intertwined branches and cliffs, caves ....

The day trip is included car-parking, breakfast and lunch, with good company, in Konjic, at our headquarters and next to the Old Bridge.

For more information contact: +387 
61 628 543